On June 10th 1982, eve of the first Lebanon war, 21 year old Dafna Carmon left a friend's house near her home in Haifa. She was never seen alive again.

Two years later, four Bedouins from a nearby village were arrested.
For 27 years now they are serving a life sentence for kidnapping, rape and murder.
For 27 years they have been pleading their innocence.

One day in 2006 Arial Livneh gets a surprising call from Shata prison;
on the other side is Camal Sbehi.
Livneh, a pensioner of Israel's General Security Service and a Doctor of
Criminology, decides to dive into a labyrinth of deception, discoveries,
motivations and frustrations. His 3 year long obsessive journey will take
him to 1980s Haifa and through abandoned and dusty police and court archives.
He will locate and meet any law man and person that knew Dafna or was somehow
connected to the case.

The stream of new information that he discovers raises many tough questions
about the process that convicted the four Bedouins.

Can a journey to the past change the future?


Directed & Produced: Roni Livneh & Kobi Davidian
Editing: Eyal Rubinstein / Cinematography: Shahar Reznik
Original Score: Ronen Vitman